Once, all money was backed by gold or silver. Today it is backed by nothing, and governments keep stealing it from us by printing more and more to fund ever expanding spending and control.

The crypto-currency market is still immature and companies are experimenting with different technologies and business models. The biggest challenge for almost all crypto-currencies is that they are not backed by anything real.

That’s where MetaliCoin is different: MetaliCoin is a crypto-currency backed by real metals. You can use MetaliCoin to buy all the main metals at deep discounts and trade them whenever you please.


Busting Open The Metals Club

Metals are the basis of our technological society.

Yet most people are far removed from the metals that power their lives. They are locked out of the security, value and profitability that metals can provide.

The whole metals cycle is held by a tightly controlled club. Sure, people can invest in the shares of the biggest mining companies, but who has access to the early stage gains? Most of the investment and all of the trading is limited to corporate advisors, investment bankers and global trading houses. Ordinary people simply don’t have access.

Very few private individuals hold gold and almost non hold industrial or technology metals. Those who do buy a small amount of bullion always pay retail prices, so others have made most of the profits.

MetaliCoin breaks open the metals club and lets anyone buy metals at the early stage, for deep discounts (and with high risk)

Frictionless Metals Trading

The MetaliCoin Crypto Metals Exchange (CME) allows anyone to trade metals-backed coins in real-time 24 hours a day, directly with other coin holders.

Unlike merchant banks and global trading houses, the CME has very small minimum trades, extremely low costs and you trade directly with other traders with no middle-man.

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Crowd-source Funding for Early Stage Mines

MetaliCoin is a market place for miners and metals enthusiasts to come together.

If you are fascinated by mining and metals, MetaliCoin lets you buy metals at deep discounts by supporting early-stage mines. The great thing is you have strong visibility of the projects and immediate liquidity!

You can also trade between metals just like the big institutions – in real time, globally, 24 hours a day – but at a fraction of the cost.

If you are an early-stage miner seeking funding, MetaliCoin gives you access to a global audience of funds without giving up equity and at very low cost. If you have done some basic prep work and are seeking funding for exploration, mine development and production, MetaliCoin could be your most efficient and cost-effective path to capital.

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MetaliCoin White Paper

MetaliCoin is planning it’s seed funding and ICO over the next few months.

To learn more, download our White Paper.

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In order to hold MetaliCoin, you will need to download a MetaliCoin Wallet.

Currently, we have Mac OS and Windows versions. Android and iOS coming soon.


We are about to update the wallets, so we’ve stopped downloads for the moment. 


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The MetaliCoin seed round has reached it’s hard cap and we have now closed early stage sales.

We are busy preparing for the ICO. Our updated ICO web site and white-list programme will be released soon.

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