1. MetaliCoin exists to Democratize knowledge of and access to Gold.
  2. It does this by using the latest blockchain based tools to create a permissioned, private content and sharing platform that rewards token holders for valuable contributions and underpins token value with investments in gold and gold-backed assets.

Why Gold?

Gold has been the primary store of wealth and ‘real money’ for most of human history. It is prized by many great cultures and officially formed the basis of the world’s financial system until the early 1970s. Since moving the US Dollar off the ‘Gold Standard’ in 1971, the buying power of the USD relative to gold has decreased 57 times or 98.25% (in 1971, USD $35 purchased 1oz of gold, today the same oz sells for approximately $2,000).

Sadly, contemporary commentary sees gold as a ‘barbarous relic’, consigned to the dustbin of history. This is despite fact that the largest buyers of gold globally are Central Banks, and it is the largest value of physical metal and derivatives of any metal. Governments, major institutions and some groups (eg Indian brides) clearly still understand the intrinsic value of gold. Recent events in Russia, China and Europe along with 50-year highs in inflation have sparked renewed interest in gold even as governments try to down-play its importance.

With the advent of BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies, some cypherpunks have declared the ‘death of gold’ or that digital currency is ‘digital gold’. As at early 2022, crypto has a total market capitalisation of about $1.75t (not bad in 13 years) while gold has a market cap of about $12.6t (after over 5,000 years of history). We believe both have their place, but that the greatest power rests in combining both.

MetaliCoin is the evolution of the gold-backed stable coin and aims to let members:

  • Understand the lifecycle and value of gold
  • Share tips, insights and ideas with other members
  • Access gold investment tips across mining, bullion and other forms
  • Amass gold holdings in digital form via rewards, purchases and airdrops
  • Use gold to make purchases (especially of gold products, gold-backed NFTs andinvestments and jewellery)